Slavic symbolism and it’s meaning

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SLAVIC SYMBOLISM - Many more Symbols are used in Slavic Countries for different Gods or other but here are the most important and today in the come back of our Faith we need to wear them with Honor like our Ancestors! Here you can see everything to know about Slavic symbols and their meaning. Some of the symbols are not exclusive Slavic such as sun-wheel as such a symbol is actually proto-Indo-European meaning all Indo-European nations use as Slavs too.

Slavic mythology

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Slavic mythology by Smartencyclopedia which is almost a internet celebrity when it comes to his images of Slavic history with motives of your mythology. His images will definitely inspire you and motivate you to explore the ancient religion and myths of Slavic people because after viewing these images you will feel a need to do so! He is well known for his distinct way of mixing Slavic and Nordic mythology in one masterpiece that we will present to you! 


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